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Coertje Feil

Enjoying My Burrito! Photography

Medina, OH


100% of the profit I would make from the sale of any of my photos or photo note cards that are purchased thru my Fine Art America page will be donated to my friend's animal rescue and sanctuary Real Rescue Inc in Oklahoma. Buying 10 notecards will feed 2 dogs at the sanctuary for a month!

Welcome to my photography page, Enjoying My Burrito!

I am a photographer in Northern Ohio. As a photographer, I try to capture things that I find beautiful, joyful, thought provoking, amusing, or interesting. I am a beginner photographer, having just started July 21. 2012, when I "borrowed" my husband's new second DSLR to try my hand at it. I just never returned the camera.

I am a 63 year old, wife, mother of 4, grandmother of almost 11. I love photography, art, nature, especially trees and flowers, animals, especially cats and birds.

Enjoy your burrito - origin and meaning of the phrase, and the story behind my naming my photography page Enjoying My Burrito!:

“Enjoy Your Burrito” has become a catchphrase of sorts for the Nerdist Podcast, closing every episode, with "Enjoy Your Burrito"... but what does it mean? Jonah Ray from the podcast tells about going to his favorite burrito place, and being depressed when halfway done with the burrito because he would start thinking about going back to his job, instead of truly enjoying the burrito he was eating. And that’s when he decided to enjoy the rest of the burrito and deal with the other stuff later. That story became, in shorthand form, “Enjoy Your Burrito,” which Nerdist fans have adopted as a motto for life. Nerdist is, at heart, about optimism and creativity.

And because I really love the whole philosophy, and it has made a wonderful difference in the way I view what I am doing, especially the things I truly love doing, I am naming my photography page "Enjoying My Burrito!" because it brings me such joy, and the rest of the world falls away while I am capturing something on my camera, or playing with the photo afterwards (which other people might call processing).

I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoy taking them. And don't forget to enjoy YOUR burrito!

Photography page for Coertje Feil, Medina OH

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And don't forget to "Enjoy your burrito!" :)


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